Reviews Of The Best Bisexual Dating Sites 2019

bisexual dating

It can be tough dating as a bisexual. Lots of mainstream dating apps are designed with straight people in mind, but queer-friendly apps are geared towards same-sex relationships. Not to mention the people who assume you're going through a 'phase', too scared to come all the way out of the closet, or 'doing it for attention'.

But there are some dating apps that have caught up to the idea that sexual preferences can't be divided into neat categories. If you're bi, pan, ace, questioning, or generally fall anywhere in the LGBTQ umbrella, there are dating apps where you can explore your sexuality without fear of judgment.

We've put together five of the best apps for finding people as open-minded and adventurous as you are. Whether you're looking for fun, sexy people to hang out with, an evening of interesting conversation, or a lasting romantic relationship, swipe right on these hot dating apps and you'll be well on the way to finding the guy or girls of your dreams!


#1 Bicupid

BiCupid is the world's largest dating site that caters exclusively to bisexual and bi-curious individuals and couples looking to connect with their community for friendship, dating and fun.

Out of all the apps on our list, this is probably the one that works hardest to take your personality into account and match you with someone you'll actually have fun with. The sign-up process is quick and simple but provides enough information that you're not going to get a site full of blank profiles. You can browse the site by interests or use the 'Let's Meet' feature which is more of a Tinder-style swipe and match.

The best part of the app is the ability to browse people by first date idea. It's a super cute idea, and you immediately find people who share your interests and obsessions. It also means you can jump right into a date together without having to do the back and forth of choosing an activity and organizing a time. We really wish more apps had this feature!

Pros: There are separate categories for individuals and couples to sign up, giving you more control over who you want to meet and how you want to interact. There are forums where you can get to know the other members and chat about the bisexual lifestyle, get advice, or just vent with other people who understand.

Cons: To be honest, not much. It does exactly what it says and for a pretty reasonable price point compared to some of the market. You may find the interface a little bit retro, although it's perfectly functional.

Paid Membership: Free membership allows you to send winks to people you're interested in, reply to messages and chat, and comment on profiles and photos. If you want to send the first message then you need to sign up to a paid account, which also gets you access to advanced search and a higher position for your profile in the results.

Cost: VIP membership of BiCupid is $29.99 per month; $59.96 for three months; or $95.95 for six months.

Top rated

#2 Purpled

An app exclusively for bisexual and bi-curious people to meet other bi singles or couples, Purpled attempts to bring together open-minded people looking to chat, hook up or explore their sexuality.

Similar to Tinder, it feeds you a stream of potential matches in your immediate area with brief details of age and location and asks you to swipe left or right. If you both vote yes on each other then it matches you up and you can start chatting. There's more of an emphasis on location and convenience than on trying to match up people with similar interests or personalities


People can like and comment on your photos – a good or bad thing depending on how comfortable you are with that – and you can share stories and dating experiences in order to win more likes and increase the popularity of your profile.

Pros: The Quick Match feature makes it easy to browse through matches in the elevator or waiting for your bus, and like Tinder it gets pretty addictive. It also has a cute feature where you send a rose to matches you're interested in to break the ice.

Cons: The app is only available in the Apple store right now, so tough luck if you're using Android. The application process isn't particularly rigorous, so it's hard to tell just how many of your matches are actually part of the bisexual community. It's also a little on the pricey side by the usual standards of paid dating apps.

Paid Membership: Free members can start a conversation with anyone who matches with them. If you want to message people who you haven't already been paired with then you need to upgrade to the VIP version, which also allows you to use the instant messenger functions and view other people's 'moments'.

Cost: VIP subscription to Purpled costs $34.99 for a month; $74.99 for three months; $139.99 for six months; or $249.99 per year.


#3 Grindr

The original gay dating app is still going strong despite new contenders over the years, and there probably aren't many queer men who haven't used it at some point.

Grindr's reputation as a hook-up site is well deserved. It's quick and easy to sign up and get started, and most of the profile information and matching is about appearance, location and body type rather than personality and interests. It won't help you find deathless romance, but if you're looking for fun and a night out (or in) without strings then this is the app to search on.

Being able to see when other users are online and how far away they are means you can move quickly into the real life meetup stage without the need for lots of back and forth and coming up with date ideas. We'd recommend it for people who aren't fussy and want to jump right into meeting new people.

Pros: An easy sign-up process that means you can get started right away, and simple filtering options that let you find the kind of guy you're looking for without fanfare. The geotargeting is very popular with users and prevents you from wasting time chatting with people who live on the other side of the city or spending a long time trying to set up a date.

Cons: Grindr is men-only so bisexual men would need to use a different app to meet women. The easy sign-up also means Grindr has a huge number of fake profiles that can be a serious annoyance for users. There's no verification of accounts and no need for a profile photo, which doesn't make it the safest app to use to meet people.

Paid Membership: The premium version of the app is called Grindr Xtra and comes without annoying banner ads and with a whole host of extra benefits. See more Grindr Tribes, use more extensive filters to search for a match, swipe through profiles for easy browsing, and unlimited blocks and favorites.

Cost: Grindr Xtra costs $9.99 for a month; $20.97 for three months; or $47.88 per year.


#4 PinkCupid

PinkCupid is a dating and relationship site aimed at lesbians and bisexual women all over the world, as well as a large lesbian community where you can meet like-minded women.

The site puts a lot of emphasis on security and complete profiles, so be prepared to put some effort in when you sign up. Several photos are essential, as is information about your orientation and lifestyle, and interests and hobbies are required fields. Profiles are verified by uploading some form of photo ID to be checked by staff.

The app suggests matches based on keywords you type in related to your personality and interests, for example "artsy", "outgoing" or "cinema lover". It's a more open system than the specific metrics used by some other sites, so add as many tags as you can possibly think of to increase the accuracy of the match.

Pros: The ID verification process means you can feel confident in the safety and security of the site, and that all profiles are genuine. Detailed profiles makes it easier to get a feel for how compatible you'll be before you get in touch. The design is user-friendly, and includes a built-in translator for messaging people in other languages.

Cons: The site is only open to women, so bisexual and pansexual women will have to look elsewhere if they want to meet men. Also, while the app is easy to use, it's simpler than the website and doesn't include all the same options, so works best if you use it in conjunction with the site instead of on its own.

Paid Membership: Free members can use the basic matching tool, show interest in other members and message paid members. In order to message all members, surf anonymously and use chat, you must upgrade to Gold membership, while the Platinum membership gets you profile highlighting and exclusive search features.

Price: Gold membership costs $34.99 per month; $69.98 for three months; or $139.99 per year.

Platinum membership is $39.99 per month; $79.98 for three months; or $159.99 per year.


#5 3some

3some is an app for open-minded singles and couples to connect with like-minded people, or for people who are bisexual or bi-curious and would like to explore their options in a supportive environment.

Sign-up is with email only, which makes it fast and easy but also means identities are not officially verified. They also offer the slightly more convenient option of logging in with your facebook account. Compatibility is measured by location, age range, orientation, and any interests you specify in your profile.

The search parameters are quite detailed, with options for searching same-sex or opposite sex couples as well as men and women. You can look for people who are there for fun, dating or friendship, so if you're less interested in romance and care more about getting to know the kink community then the app works for that too.

Pros: The app prides itself on its simplicity, so you can swipe around and explore people and interests with one tap. Each profile includes a compatibility measure at the bottom of the screen for easy browsing. You can check out the hot list of new and popular members and bookmark profiles to visit later, so no more spotting a hottie and forgetting to message them later.

Cons: As the name suggests, 3some is aimed at people interested in polyamory and swinging rather than monogamous relationships. Even though it's open to singles, the expectation is that most people will use it to hook up with couples.

Paid Membership: When you download the app you automatically get a 3-day free trial, during which you can use the advanced search features, explore profiles and send unlimited messages. After the trial period, functionality is extremely limited without a subscription.

Cost: A one month subscription to 3some costs $9.99; a three month subscription is $19.99; and six months costs $29.99. There is no annual option.